What is the gigexchange?

What is the gigexchange?

What’s a gig?

A gig is a term describing any aspect of performing or working. It can be a permanent job, a short term contract, volunteering, or a task.

It's increasingly being used to specifically describe an actual work task, or assignment.

A gig can be big, small, long or short. A gig can be any shape or size. It just involves one party engaging the services of another for a particular agreed outcome.

So then, what’s an exchange?

An exchange is an act of giving one thing and receiving another in return.

In the IT Telco world, it is a central place connecting voice, data and people together.

In the Financial Services world, it is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to trade commodities.

In the gig economy, though, it connects all consumers and businesses, with all service providers.

Put them together, and you get: gigexchange

gigexchange is a Future of Work marketplace for not only the freelancer gig economy, but permanent & contract jobs, volunteering & business advertisements.

For gig workers, by gig workers

We are a small team of highly skilled gig workers, who had a vision to create a marketplace that connects businesses with high quality service providers (freelancers, contractors & gig workers).

Our core values consist of trust, integrity and providing a win-win for everyone.

We are determined to not only drive down the cost of business, but also facilitate additional income, learning and development opportunities for the people who are great at what they do.

Grow your reach

We also provide a portal for self-promotion. Whether you are a freelancer or contractor in the gig economy looking for your next gig, or a business going through a growth phase, we want to enable you to reach more connections than ever. We will validate your brand through our reputation system.

It’s also a space to do good

Exchange a little feel-good factor with our volunteering marketplace, where we connect local community groups and charities with the people who can help them achieve their goals. If you need a hand, or want to give back in some way, we can connect you with the causes that matter most to you.

So join us. Start by understanding more about how the gig economy could work for you or see more of the story behind gigexchange.

Our services


  • List or complete any outcome based task in the gig economy.


  • List or find any conventional job or work contract.


  • List or find any volunteering opportunity.


  • Advertise your business or freelance service through us and our reputation service will validate and help grow your personal or business brand.

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