How could the gig economy work for me

How could the gig economy work for me

In today’s fast-changing world, businesses no longer want a jack-of-all-trades. They want specialists who have unique skills in their craft to complete specific tasks to a standard that helps them stand out.

The ability to work remotely has also given rise to opportunities to skilled workers who otherwise may have struggled to find flexible work options, like stay-at-home parents, semi-retired people or those living in rural or remote areas.

Now, if you have a specialist skill, a great attitude and reputation, who or what you are is now irrelevant to companies. Your skills are everything.

  • An experienced over 50+ year old specialist, is now a valuable asset to any company seeking an on-demand worker to complete a specific project or agile task.
  • A stay at home parent, with their wealth of untapped talent, is now available to the workforce if offered in a flexible manner.
  • Full-time employees have an opportunity to earn some extra cash through a side hustle/gig, or to have an outlet for their true passion.
  • Students who have little work experience, can now grow their personal brand through meaningful and relevant gigs, then translate that reputation into experience for future job placements.
  • Those new to the country and struggling with their lack of local experience can now build their reputation and experience to land their dream job.

But the benefits work both ways. Gig listers who offer fair and respectful work opportunities will attract the best talent, and open your options to a volume of service providers (freelancers/contractors/side hustlers) never before available.

If any of the below sounds like you, we hope you’ll join us on our journey to empower the win-win.

Are you an individual or business who:
  • is struggling to achieve all your workplace tasks?
  • is struggling to find the right employee to take care of a wide range of tasks?
  • wants to access highly skilled service providers through a new flexible approach?
  • is open to changing how you operate to do so?
  • wants to adopt a more agile approach in conjunction with gig workers?
  • is a recruitment agency early adopter of the gig economy?
  • a charity or community group needing volunteers and an easier way to find the perfect fit?
Are you a skilled service provider who:
  • is a full-time employee but wanting some supplementary income?
  • is a freelancer/contractor wanting to expand your network and income stream?
  • is a student in need of cash and wanting to increase your workplace experience/reputation?
  • is a stay at home parent looking for extra cash but needing flexibility in how you work?
  • is frustrated at being classed as too old for most conventional jobs?
  • is unemployed looking to get back in to a new way of working?
  • is looking to transition from full-time employment to flexible working?
  • is a backpacker on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) looking for flexible and relevant work?
  • Is a volunteer, or interested in volunteering?

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