About Us

gigexchange was founded and developed by gig workers of the NZ gig economy.

We are a small team of highly skilled gig workers, who had a vision to create a Future of Work marketplace that connects consumers & businesses with high quality service providers for all ways of working.

Our purpose & core values

We are on a mission to make the Future of Work fairer for all workers.

We have combined multiple work services, into one convenient and quality global work marketplace, offering flexibility and fair pricing to all our customers.

We’re committed to creating an ethical platform, one that demonstrates that you don’t have to exploit in order to succeed.

We call this empowering the win-win

This happens by sticking true to our values:

  • Empowering the win-win - making it easy, convenient and affordable for businesses to find reputable skilled talent; and for workers to find increased “all ways of working” opportunities.
  • Integrity - is about creating an environment where hard work and fair treatment is rewarded and recognised.
  • Trust - gigexchange has been built to ensure the safety and security of both buyers and sellers of work. We empower collaborative relationships that are fair and honest.
  • Respect - for us is about providing a place where people can work on their terms, and find work opportunities that are a reflection of the real value they can bring.
  • Rewarding great work - this is where we come in. We will help build your brand reputation (and opportunities) through your hard work.
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“I am determined that gigexchange is to lead the global approach to a fairer way of working”
Mike B - Founder

Meet the Team

Mike is a Cyber Security Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the I.T. industry. He has worked with leading Global Telecommunications, ISPs, MSPs & Financial Institutions in roles ranging from Consultancy, Design & Implementation. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) degree. He has a professional passion for Internet technologies, innovation & working smarter.
G is a full stack web developer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. The last 10 years working as a lead developer in digital agencies across Auckland, New Zealand. The previous 10 years working client side consulting for a multi-national brand enterprise in London. He loves using tech to build clever solutions for business challenges. He is a strong I.T. professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) in Business Operation & Control.
Chester has over 15 years in the design industry, transitioning from branding and print, to digital design. He has specialised in the UI/UX field for the past 10 years at digital agencies, working on a large variety of projects with a diverse range of clients ranging from global enterprises to leading NZ corporates. He holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design. His passion is to create great looking online interfaces that are easy for the customer to use.