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A manufacturer is someone, or something that produces goods, either in part or entirely. This could include physical products such as furniture and clothing, components for larger items like car engines, or even large-scale machinery used in industrial processes. Manufacturers typically have complex supply chains involving multiple vendors and suppliers to obtain the necessary parts and materials needed to create their product. The final assembly of these items into complete units will usually take place at one central location where quality assurance measures can be taken before shipment out to customers. Manufacturing has been around since ancient times when humans first developed tools made from stone and wood which were then crafted into useful objects (e.g., arrows). Over time, manufacturing techniques evolved with advances in technology until mass production was possible by the 19th century thanks to machines like power looms and steam engines allowing for faster output than ever before seen on an individual level - producing hundreds of identical copies simultaneously rather than just one or two pieces by hand laboriously over many hours/days/weeks etc.. As automation increased further during the 20th century so did efficiency resulting in even more efficient methods being employed today meaning manufacturers are able to make almost anything imaginable with minimal human input required due solely aided through computer programming algorithms controlling robotic arms performing precise tasks quickly without any errors occurring along its path making it much easier than manual crafting would require otherwise!


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Freelance Engineering: Self-employed manufacturing engineers can offer their services on a freelance basis and charge an hourly or project fee for providing engineering design, prototyping, modeling, analysis and testing services to companies in need of these specialized skills. This could involve designing custom parts or assemblies that are used by manufacturers in the production process as well as developing new processes using advanced technologies like 3D printing, automation and robotics. Additionally they may provide technical consulting services related to specific markets such as automotive or aerospace engineering. 2. Online Tutoring/Teaching: Manufacturing engineers can monetize their knowledge by offering online tutoring sessions through platforms like Outschool where students pay per session (or course) for expert guidance with math equations, CAD software use etc.. They could also create video courses teaching others how to use various types of machinery tools - from CNC machines all the way up to industrial robots - giving them another source of income stream. 3 . Product Development & Design Consulting: With experience in product development cycles self-employed manufacturing engineers can serve clients who require help coming up with innovative products quickly and efficiently within budget constraints while meeting customer standards too. They will be engaged during research phase helping define specs then guide client onto prototyping before finalizing it – ranging from consumer goods right through medical equipment products produced at scale levels – thus earning fees based on projects delivered successfully against agreed timelines & budgets which is often lucrative proposition given demand side is high especially when working at top tier corporate level firms out there looking for this kind expertise constantly! 4 . Contract Work For Companies In Need Of Expertise : Many small businesses don’t have full time staff dedicated just towards solving complex problems requiring more than just basic knowhow so engaging independent professionals helps save costs while getting things done faster without much fuss involved typically associated with traditional employment models; here again most likely scenario would revolve around fixed price contracts being offered depending upon scope work required versus actual deliverables expected over period say one month minimum usually but going forward even longer terms arrangements possible if both parties agree mutually ahead beforehand what contractual liabilities entail making sure no legal issues arise later down line either due misunderstanding between two sides initially negotiated contractually speaking prior commencing job itself!

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Cycle Time and Motion Study of Industrial Processes
Remote Remote Star Hamza N

I do Video based Time and Motion Study (Cycle Time Study) of Industrial Processes.

Warehouse cleaner
GR Elaionas Ελαιώνας Athens Star Barry A

Are you a commercial cleaner looking for extra work? Must be reliable, hard working & good attention to detail.

MATLAB/SIMULINK developpment electrical engineering
Remote Remote Star osama S

i am intetested in electrical engineering specially control systems and signal & systems. MATLAB/SIMULINK debeloppmemt and modeling of systems and algorithms.

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A manufacturing engineer is an important part of any company’s production process. This type of engineer focuses on the design and implementation of efficient systems to produce parts, components, or products. The job requires a combination of engineering skills in mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering as well as knowledge in materials science and business management. The main goal for a manufacturing engineer is to develop processes that will remain cost-effective while producing high quality goods efficiently and safely. They must also take into consideration meeting customer demands within specified timelines which includes analyzing data from previous production cycles to determine potential areas for improvement through changes in automation or modified designs. Some other duties may involve developing new machinery layout plans; making sure safety regulations are followed; managing the flow resources such as raw materials and personnel; resolving technical issues that arise during production; providing training material related to operation procedures and maintaining equipment.. In addition they might be responsible for ordering necessary supplies needed by workers or machines along with researching potential technology upgrades/changes if needed based on updated industry standards/regulations . Overall ,manufacturing engineers work diligently behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout all stages of product development helping companies stay competitive without sacrificing quality control

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Manufacturing Engineer Calgary

Are you an experienced Manufacturing Engineer looking for an exciting Full-Time opportunity in Calgary, Canada? We are thrilled to present a remarkable role as a Manufacturing Engineer on behalf of our esteemed client.

Factory & Warehouse Packers Wanted Auckland

Our leading client, a prominent manufacturing company in Auckland, is currently hiring dedicated individuals to join their team and contribute to their production processes.

Industrial Automation Engineer Wanted Dublin

Are you an experienced Industrial Automation Engineer looking for a full-time opportunity in Dublin, Ireland? Look no further! Our esteemed client is seeking a skilled professional like yourself to join their team as an Industrial Automation Engineer.

Ieškomi gamyklos darbuotojai Lithuania

Viena no mūsu vadošajām klientēm, kas darbojas ražošanas nozarē, meklē pilna laika rūpnīcas darbiniekus. Ja esi darbaspēks ar enerģiju un motivāciju strādāt ražošanas vidē, šī ir iespēja, uz kuru esi gaidīts!

Rūpniecības inženieris Riga

Vadošs klients, kas darbojas rūpniecības nozarē, meklē Industriālo inženieri, kurš pievienotos viņu komandai pilna laika darbā.

Mechanical Engineer Seberang Perai Simpang Ampat

We're looking for a mechanical engineer with at least 1-2 years experience in the field to support new, greenfield startup facility.

Quality Control Inspector Petrich

Are you a product inspection professional with fundamental understanding of quality control? Do you have practical experience using AQL standards? Then we would love to hear from you to join QIMA as a freelance Quality Control Inspector!

Manufacturing Automation Engineer Manchester

Are you an experienced Manufacturing Automation Engineer seeking an exciting Full-Time opportunity in the vibrant city of Manchester, UK?

Robotics Engineer Sydney

Are you a talented and innovative Robotics Engineer seeking a Full-Time opportunity in Sydney, Australia? We are thrilled to present a remarkable job opportunity on behalf of our esteemed client.

Rekruttering for en ledende klient i Norge! Norway

Vi ser etter en dyktig industriell ingeniør som vil være ansvarlig for å designe, utvikle og implementere effektive produksjonsprosesser for å optimalisere produksjonslinjer og forbedre produktiviteten.

Industrieel ingenieur Eindhoven

Onze opdrachtgever, een toonaangevend productiebedrijf in Eindhoven, is op zoek naar een ervaren Industrial Engineer om hun team te versterken.

Fabrieksarbeider Charleroi

We zijn momenteel op zoek naar een gemotiveerde en betrouwbare Fabrieksmedewerker voor een van onze toonaangevende klanten in Charleroi, België.

Field Engineer United Arab Emirates

Are you an experienced engineer looking for an exciting new challenge in the UAE? Our leading client is currently seeking a skilled Field Engineer to join their team.

Senior cost Estimator
Remote Remote

Material Take off & Cost Estimation for all CSI Trades including but not limited to. ►Concrete/Masonry/Steel/Lumber Structures Estimation.

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A manufacturing engineer can give back to their community and the world through volunteering. Here are some specific ways that a manufacturing engineer can contribute their time, skills, and knowledge: 1. Work with local schools or organizations to design educational projects related to engineering principles for students of all ages. This could include designing robots or other machines used in STEM-related classes, building bridges as part of a structural engineering project, or teaching basic concepts such as shop safety and how to use tools properly. 2. Participate in mentoring programs where you provide guidance on career paths within the field of engineering – this could be done either one-on-one with individual students or by speaking at industry events like job fairs about what it takes to become an engineer and why someone should consider pursuing a career in the field. 3 Volunteer at science museums doing hands-on demonstrations related to technology and manufacturing processes; this would involve setting up displays which explain various aspects of production techniques from start (design) finish (manufacturing). It is also possible for volunteers here may have access special resources such as 3D printers which they can utilize during these activities depending on availability/location restrictions around volunteer activity areas inside museum buildings etc… 4 Offer free services locally if applicable by fixing broken items people bring into your home garage workshop area - many times people who need help do not know any engineers however most communities boast several amateur tinkerers willing enough so long there isn’t too much complexity involved - likewise donating time towards helping those less fortunate when completing simple tasks like replacing old kitchen countertops/cabinets doors

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network administrator avesta sweden

I'm looking to do some volunteer work in the computer field, but I don't dare to do anything too important, because I don't speak English too well, and very little in Swedish

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A manufacturing business can promote its services online and offline in a variety of ways. Online, the company should create an engaging website that showcases their products and services. Additionally, they should focus on optimizing the site for search engines so that it appears higher in relevant searches. Social media is also an important tool to reach potential customers; creating accounts on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will allow businesses to share updates about their offerings with interested audiences. Utilizing digital advertising campaigns (e.g., pay-per-click ads) can help drive more traffic to the company’s website while simultaneously increasing brand awareness among target markets—this could potentially result in increased sales opportunities down the line. Offline promotion strategies include attending trade shows or conferences related to the industry, distributing promotional materials at events like these or within local stores/markets, producing radio or television commercials (if budget allows), ad placement within newspapers/magazines etc., direct mailings which might include flyers or postcards sent out via traditional mail systems as well as utilizing word-of mouth marketing tactics by hiring promoters who are willing to spread information about your product amongst friends & family members

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Ingeniero electrico San Fulgencio Alicante

Ingeniero Eléctrico en el sector comercial con especialidad en contratación eléctrica comercial, Cargadores de Autos e Instalación de Paneles Solares.

Laboratoire Oberthur Cash protect 22 rue de blum Estreux

The Oberthur Cash Protection group is a designer and manufacturer of chemical solutions linked to intelligent security systems for the protection of banknotes, euro dollars, etc...

Manufacturing Duties & Responsibilities

Operating machinery

Ensuring safety protocols are followed

Monitoring production line operations

Inspecting products to ensure quality standards are met

Following detailed instructions for product assembly or packaging process

Keeping accurate records of production output, yields, etc., as required by management

Documenting any changes in the manufacturing process that may affect product quality

Loading raw materials into processing equipment and unloading finished products from lines

Maintaining cleanliness throughout the work area & Assisting in training new staff on industrial processes

Conducting regular maintenance checks on all equipment

Testing finished goods before they leave the plant

Reporting any issues or concerns to supervisors immediately

Storing materials/products according to regulations

Evaluating existing procedures for improvement

Adhering strictly to company policies

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Star Star Star Star Star

Jay is an awesome Global Manufacturing.

We have loved your work and communication throughout the gig.

Jay your ability is second to none!

We highly recommend gigexchange & Jay. We have told ALL our friends and family about the service we experienced.

If anyone is looking for an expert Manufacturing then Jay is for you!

Star Star Star Star Star

Great Service! Great Communication! Great Price! Very Happy with Leroy!

We had been on the lookout for a Manufacturing for ages but couldnt find anyone.

Luckily gigexchange came to the rescue and we found Leroy immediately.

We’ll certainly use Leroy & other freelancers on gigexchange for our other projects we have in the future.


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