Best volunteer websites in 2024

Best Volunteering Websites in 2024

Volunteering in the Sharing Economy

Why do we volunteer? Why do we need volunteers? There are so many different answers to these questions. Finding the perfect purposeful organisation or community group to volunteer for is personal to each of us.

We have created a list of the Top rated volunteering platforms to help organizations, charities & community groups to connect and engage with loyal and trusted volunteers.

These are a mixture of local and international apps including many features that we have identified as important within the volunteering community.

  • Local or international?
  • Paid or free engagements?
  • Highly skilled, or non-skilled assignments?
  • Short-term vs long-term requirements?
  • Individual, organization or community-based?
  • Purposeful vs Passion specific?
  • In-person or online volunteering?
Volunteering in the Sharing Economy
  • Volunteers

Global Remote

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Volunteer in sea turtle conservation Cape Verde
Remote Remote

Volunteers needed for sea turtle season in Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands.

Help our community cut and prune trees Maiolo Rimini

We are looking for help with our trees

Physiotherapist Cervia

We are looking for a physio to treat the Australian Transplant Football Team

Brother Stephen for the world Nairobi Nairobi

Ihave heart to help our brothers and sisters with physical disabilities and mental illness

helping hand
Remote Remote

Dedicated to work with team

Volunteer for change Lindersvoldvej 5 Faxe

Volunteer abroad

Sports Coach Volunteer Available Sandymount (but can travel to neighbouring suburbs) Dublin

I'm a keen amateur Sports coach, based in Sandymount, available to teach under privileged kids, or the disabled community, in various sports

Fruit Picking Malaga

Need volunteers to help pick my fruit

Care worker Brooklyn New York

I'm an experienced care worker looking to volunteer

Volunteer Handyman Rathmines Dublin

I'm a skilled DIYer available to help local community groups and charities in the Rathmines area of Dublin

Top 5 Online Volunteer Platforms in 2024?

What are the 5 best rated Volunteering Websites in 2024?



  • Type: Volunteering

Impact Online, also known as VolunteerMatch, is a U.S. based nonprofit organisation matching a large database of volunteers & non-profits together. VolunteerMatch was founded in 1998. It is primarily focused on the USA market, but can also connect volunteers internationally.

Its specialties include schools, hospices, hospitals & health industries. Allowing them to post their opportunities to the website to recruit suitable volunteers.

Volunteers can browse volunteer opportunities across a wide range of cause areas and US locations.

Best for those looking for an unpaid volunteer opportunity across a wide range of cause areas at organizations within their local area.



  • Type: Volunteering

Points of Light Engage unites volunteer opportunities from sites around the web to provide the most comprehensive database of volunteer opportunities around the world. Individuals can search for volunteer projects, nonprofits can post and manage event sign-ups, and visitors are invited to start projects of their own – all in one place. cleverly uses your location to help you find opportunities near you. By simply entering the category or skill of volunteer work you are interested in within the Keywords field.

Volunteers recommend Engage for ease of use and the FREE offerings.

UN Volunteers

UN Volunteers

  • Type: Volunteering

UN Volunteers is a volunteer app providing volunteer opportunities abroad and locally. The organization has a staff of 150+ with offices across the world including 7,000+ volunteers participating in their a broad spectrum of partner programs.

With a focus on development programs within Third World Countries and peacekeeping operations in War torn regions, the organization advocates for creating environments and communities in which volunteerism can thrive.

It is great for volunteering on a global scale. Volunteer work ranges between 6-12 months and can cover monthly volunteer living allowances, annual leave and medical insurance.



  • Type: Volunteering: Creative, Media, Technology, Marketing, Software, Security
  • Pros: Secure pay, Push notifications, Live private chat, Free membership, Low commission, Identity verified freelancers only
  • Cons: Still in growth phase

gigexchange is a Global Future of Work marketplace for freelancers to connect with businesses for work. Gigexchange allows freelancers to complete freelance gigs (specific work tasks and outcomes - with payment after the work is completed), freelance jobs (time based work - typically short term contracts which are arranged off platform). Freelancers may also volunteer their valuable services free of charge via the Volunteer service.

Registration is quick and simple, completing a skills and experience fields for its AI/ML function. Registering for Freelance Gigs via the Gig Worker section requires Identity verification prior. This is quick and simple, providing a few ID documents to become identity validated, building trust in the marketplace.

The commission rates for freelance gigs is the lowest of all freelance apps, at just 5%. For freelance jobs there is no commission for finding work.

There are no subscription fees or limits on the number of applications for jobs or gigs.

Gigexchange operates across 39 countries, allowing freelancers to connect with local businesses and remote, or work from home freelance work.

The platform works as a progressive web app (PWA) which means both buyers and sellers can use the standard website or mobile app to complete work services.

The platform supports VISA & Mastercard debit & credit cards. Payment withdrawal for freelancers is via Stripe and typically takes 5-14 days from gig completion.



  • Type: Volunteering

Jumpstart is a USA early education organization focusing on improving early childhood development and education. It provides language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities and promote quality early learning for all children.

Jumpstart is a mission-driven volunteer website that focuses on improving early childhood development and education to make an impact in the lives of children 3-6 years old who are impacted by the effect of poverty.

Best countries to Volunteer in 2024?

Find volunteering opportunities in the below countries easily

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a volunteer? arrow-right
A volunteer is a person who offers to take part in an organisation and undertake a task/tasks for free. A simple summary is working for an organization without being paid.
Why is volunteering so important? arrow-right
  • Provides you with a sense of purpose through alignment with a company or organisation with the same values
  • Provides a sense of community by connecting you with like minded people
  • Helps you meet new friends of shared interests and values
  • Increases your social skills by connecting with additional volunteers and communities
  • Improves self-esteem by self development and growth
  • Teaches you valuable skills such as empathy and the true value of passion or purposeful work
  • Provides job prospects by building your reputation and leading to new work opportunities
Best websites to volunteer abroad? arrow-right
Best online global volunteering marketplace apps include volunteermatch, jstart, UN Volunteers & Go Volunteering
What are the benefits of volunteering? arrow-right
  • Volunteering can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement. By helping others you can help yourself at the same time.
  • Make a difference through helping others
  • Be part of a community working towards the same goals
  • Learn new skills which can lead to career growth at the same time
  • Bring the fun into your life by finding purposeful or passionate work and enjoyment
What other apps are like VolunteerMatch? arrow-right
Websites that offer a similar service and experience to VolunteerMatch include VolunteerHQ, Red Cross & Habitat for Humanity
Best websites to find additional information about volunteering? arrow-right
We have combined the full list of information available online for volunteers to gain information and resources for volunteering opportunities locally and internationally

See here for more Help & Support questions

Additional Volunteering Information

We have collated some additional useful Volunteering information available online in 2024 so you can gain extra knowledge, resources and potential new volunteering opportunities, or understand how volunteering can work for you.