Job Seeking in Lithuania in 2023

Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in Lithuania in 2023

What is recruitment and the recruitment industry?

Recruitment agencies in Lithuania can be a great resource for helping someone find a job in Lithuania. They provide a variety of services, such as helping clients create an effective resume, advice on the job searching process and techniques for different types of interviews. Additionally, recruitment consultants may provide career assessments to look for the best fit for both the job and the candidate. Many agencies also use their internal databases to match compatible candidates with potential employers; they review hundreds of CVs from potential applicants and may offer insights on the suitable roles they are best-suited for. They can also use their knowledge of companies’ needs and history to counsel prospective employees on aligning their resumes with employers’ expectations. Agencies may facilitate personal meetings between employers and prospects or suggest training courses or additional qualifications to help improve an applicants chances of being employed in their desired role. Moreover, some recruitment agencies even provide relocation services and assist those coming from abroad in finding housing or integrating into Lithuanian society more easily. Finally, after a successful hire is made, most recruitment agencies will provide ongoing support to both parties by offering guidance throughout making sure that hiring expectations are being met as well as looking after relation ships between parties going forward..

Finding a Job in Lithuania in 2023
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Išvežiotojas Lithuania

Inovatīva piegādes kompānija meklē pilna laika Piegādātājus, kuri pievienotos viņu dinamiskajai komandai. Ja esi enerģisks un atbildīgs, un vēlies strādāt piegādes nozarē, šī ir lieliska iespēja tev!

Dramaturgas Lithuania

Vietējais teātris meklē pilna laika Dramaturgu, kurš pievienotos viņu radošajai komandai. Ja esi talantīgs rakstnieks un vēlies izpausties teātra nozarē, šī ir lieliska iespēja tev!

Sporto mitybos specialistė Lithuania

Vadošs sports uztura uzņēmums meklē pilna laika Sporta uztura speciālistu, kurš pievienotos viņu komandai. Ja esi apņēmības pilns un gribi palīdzēt sportistiem sasniegt savus labākos rezultātus, šī ir lieliska iespēja tev!

Muzikantas Lithuania

Vadošs mūzikas uzņēmums meklē pilna laika Mūziķi, lai pievienotos viņu talantīgajai komandai. Ja esi dedzīgs par mūziku un gribi strādāt ar pieredzējušiem profesionāļiem, šī ir lieliska iespēja tev!

Žiniatinklio kūrėjas Lithuania

Izmantojot mūsējās klientu partneres pakalpojumus, viena no vadošajām kompānijām meklē pilna laika Tīmekļa izstrādātāju, kurš pievienotos viņu talantīgajai IT komandai.

How Recruitment Agencies in Lithuania can help you find a job?

Finding a job in Lithuania can be quite challenging for many people. While there are plenty of opportunities available in the country due to its booming economy, there are also many factors that make it difficult to land a job, particularly for those overseas. The first challenge is the language barrier. Lithuania is not widely known for its use of English, so applicants must either be fluent in Lithuanian or have some grasp of the language in order to succeed in their job searches. It is highly recommended that job seekers find resources to help them learn Lithuanian before they start their search. Another challenge related to language involves communication during the recruitment process. When applying for jobs with local employers, communication must typically be conducted in Lithuanian or Russian – the other two official languages of Lithuania – and this can complicate the process significantly depending on one’s level of language proficiency. Additionally, employers may exclude candidates who cannot appropriately convey themselves in their native language. Additionally, most employers require potential hires to have local experience, knowledge and/or qualifications relevant to their respective field prior to being considered for an open position; this makes it very difficult for foreign nationals who lack such credentials as well as immigrants from Eastern European countries can face discrimination when applying due to cultural background or lack of citizenship from within EU countries . Furthermore, selective recruitment practices used by Lithuanian companies (e.g., using referral-based hiring processes) adds yet another layer of difficulty when trying to gain employment in Lithuania as an outsider. One way that a recruitmnt agency can help people looking for work in Lithuania is by offering access to a network or database containing profiles and information on potential employers throughout the country; they also publish potential job openings which can then make it easier for people looking abroad who do not speak local languages nor possess any required qualifications or experience yet still want find gainful employment within the country’s borders by doing recruitments based on education experience and even English speaking criteria rather than just native tongues as well as offering specialised services like career counseling and providing advice on Lithuanias labour laws which can help individuals tailor their resumes and cover letters more appropriately according presence Labour Code regulations set forth while avoiding any potential cultural taboos which could put prospective employees at risk when being considered In conclusion, finding a job in Lithuania generally requires extensive research into available resources such as those provided by recruitment agencies; individuals should also spend time learning key aspects about both culture and language prior attempting this endeavor so that they may best fit into the competitive marketplace that awaits them there

Finding a Job in Lithuania in 2023

What do Recruitment & Staffing Agencies in Lithuania do?

Finding qualified talent is incredibly challenging for many companies, especially in the era of the Great Resignation. Reviewing and filtering appropriate job applications, interviewing selected candidates , then negotiating salaries all consume significant time away from a business owner’s existing obligations. If the process is not done properly, the worst outcome may result in a non-suitable candidate, which can be costly and detrimental to the hiring business.

Which is why some employers partner with recruitment and staffing agencies, to alleviate the time and effort out of the search for candidates by providing their own workers for open roles. But also, utilise the expertise of the agency to find the best candidate available.

Independent employment agencies may also help businesses by headhunting highly skilled or specialised workers, particularly in the private sector. Such as:

  • Personnel placement services (Full-Time Jobs & Contract Jobs)
  • On-boarding experienced, highly qualified and skilled independent contractors (typically IT Contractors, Civil Engineers, or Creative Freelancers) for project delivery
  • Staffing services, also known as temporary help services, or temping jobs
  • Executive search firms. Also known as Talent Headhunters
Finding a Job in Lithuania in 2023

What are the pros and cons of employing external Recruitment & Staffing Agencies in Lithuania?

The pros of using external recruitment agencies vs in house recruitment

  • Higher quality candidates, faster!
  • Access to Specialist recruitment knowledge and expertise not found in-house
  • Recruitment agencies reduce business liability
  • Staffing agencies reduce time to hire. Speed to hire is critical in the recruitment industry
  • Staffing agencies have deep talent pools of available or potentially candidates businesses do not have access to
  • Staffing agencies save employers money by reducing hiring the best talent and helping to avoid common recruitment mistakes businesses are unaware of

The cons of using recruitment agencies

  • Higher cost
  • Identifying cultural fit can be difficult for external recruitment agencies
  • Lack of employer branding and limited understanding of the company and its culture
  • Little accountability for external agencies if they only present poor candidates
Job Hunter Seeker in Lithuania in 2023

What is the Hiring Process Recruitment Agencies follow to find and hire Job Seekers find Jobs in Lithuania in 2023

Identify the hiring requirements from the business/hiring manager

  • Find out what is important to the team. Technical skills, personality, attitude, ability to learn

Write a job description

  • Include all the Work and Personality requirements. It is also essential for staffing and recruitment agencies to sell the business to jobseekers. If the Job Ad does not suitably reflect the business values and work opportunity, it is highly likely that the business may not continue to use the employment agency in the future

Advertise the Job

  • Use popular job portals in Lithuania such as

Review Applications

  • Filtering down candidates to only suitable applicants is a key requirement for external recruitment companies

Phone Interview/Initial Screening

  • Initial gauge by recruiter of the applicant to understand jobseekers requirements and scope their personality and soft skills


  • Initial interviews are typically one-on-one with hiring manager
  • Technical interview
  • HR Interview and/or wider team introductions
  • Final interviews

Applicant Reviews

  • Which candidates fit the job description best. Which candidates fit the company culture best?

Background Checks

  • Important to identify any skeletons in the closet (especially undisclosed ones). Social Media is a common pitfall jobseekers overlook, which recruiters screen

Make a Decision

  • Whether this is a combination of HR &/or Hiring Manager. Someone has to decide who to offer the job to

Reference Check

  • Ensure all the work history and skills/qualifications listed are accurate

Present the offer

  • Don't take too long to get to this point, so of the best candidates aren’t on the market for very long. Especially true in the contracting marketplace

Onboard the new employee

  • Ensure everything from account creation, hardware (laptop/phone), software products and access permissions, onboarding plan, buddy/mentor and compliance requirements are present with the candidate and they are comfortable with their new work environment, colleagues and role

What are best Job Boards in Lithuania Recruitment & Staffing agencies use advertise jobs to find & hire jobseekers

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Regions in Lithuania

What work industries do Recruitment Consultancies operate in

Recruitment Agencies can range from Large Generic businesses covering all work services. To small boutique specialist agencies.

See here the full list of work categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of jobs are most popular for jobseekers? arrow-right
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  • Night shift
  • Casual
  • Temporary
  • Remote
  • Work From Home
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Telecommuting
  • Flexible

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