Moving to in Cyprus in 2023

Moving to Cyprus in 2023

Step by step guide on migrating and relocating to Cyprus in 2023?

Use our Guide to find all the moving information you may need if you are thinking of moving or working in Cyprus.

People move to Cyprus for a variety of reasons. The most popular reasons include: 1. Climate & Quality of Life Cyprus is known for its excellent climate, boasting 300 days of sunshine per year. The warm, dry climate makes it a prime destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in the sun. The Mediterranean atmosphere makes it an ideal place for wining and dining, with excellent seafood, beautiful beaches, and a great range of outdoor activities. 2. Tax Advantages Cyprus is a popular destination for those seeking to relocate for tax advantages, as it operates a low-tax policy for both businesses and individuals. It is a part of the European Union and one of the few European countries with no wealth taxes, attracting high-net-worth individuals and businesses to relocate and invest there. 3. Low Cost of Living The cost of living in Cyprus is significantly lower than other European countries, making it a great option for those looking to relocate while still maintaining a high quality of life. Its diverse dining and entertainment scene offers excellent value for money, with some of the best quality cuisine in Europe. 4. Easy Access to Europe Cyprus is ideally placed in the center of the Mediterranean region, making it a convenient location for those traveling to the European mainland, particularly if they are running a business in the area. Flights to Europes key cities are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal base for frequent travelers. 5. Safe and Secure As part of the European Union, Cyprus is a safe and secure country to live in. It has low levels of crime, making it a popular choice for those looking for a safe environment to live and raise a family. This is further enhanced by the excellent public healthcare and education systems, making it an attractive option for those looking to relocate.

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Cost of Moving to Cyprus

The costs associated to moving to Cyprus can vary by individual circumstances and can be affected by a variety of factors. 1. Visas: First and foremost, to move to Cyprus one needs to obtain a visa. Applications must be made to the Migration Department of the Republic of Cyprus. Depending on the individual circumstances, the fees for a visa vary. A permanent residence permit (residency card) requires an application fee of €255. 2. Shipping: Depending on the size of your shipment, the cost of shipping to Cyprus can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Factors such as the size of the shipment, distance moved, insurance coverage, and pick-up/delivery locations further influence the final price. It is a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies to ensure you are getting the best deal. 3. Insurance: Before moving, it is important to make sure you are covered by the right kind of health insurance. The costs of getting health insurance in Cyprus vary widely depending on the type of insurance purchased, with most expats opting for an international health plan. Additionally, life and property insurance are important investments to make when relocating to a new country. 4. Taxation: Taxes in Cyprus vary based on individual income, so it is important to perform research to ascertain specific tax rates in your residence area. Additionally, the cost of hiring an accountant to help with the tax filing process should be taken into consideration. 5.Miscellaneous: Other costs to take into consideration include obtaining a series of documents such as a driver’s license, banks cards, utility bills, etc. that require a fee. Additionally, the cost of relocating day-to-day necessities such as furniture, food, and clothing should also be considered.

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Freelance Personal Trainer Wanted Paphos

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Music Video Producer Larnaca

Looking for a talented Music Video Producer to join our client's team on a freelance basis in Cyprus. As a Music Video Producer, you will be responsible for creating visually stunning music videos that align with the artist's vision and brand.

Mobile Phone Repair Technician Nicosia

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Best Jobs in Cyprus

The most popular jobs for migrants moving to Cyprus are in the hospitality and tourism industries, often called “Sunshine Jobs.” These jobs come with attractive salaries and include customer service and receptionist positions typically found in hotels and resorts; tour guide and entertainment roles; and bar/restaurant and food-and-beverage services. These industries benefit greatly from the high number of tourists and foreign expats who visit the island each year, making it an ideal destination for job seekers. Customer service and receptionist positions typically earn between €8 and €12 per hour, depending on experience. These roles require the ability to communicate effectively with guests, provide exceptional customer service, and handle daily administrative tasks. Tour guides and entertainers often earn €14 to €18 per hour. All that’s needed is a passion for the island, knowledge of its history and culture, and the ability to engage visitors with interesting stories, activities, and experiences. Bar/restaurant and food-and-beverage staff earn between €7 and €10 per hour, depending on the particular job. These roles require the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple responsibilities at once, and deliver excellent customer service. In addition to the above, Cyprus also offers job opportunities in the banking sector, IT industry, and agriculture. Salaries for roles in these industries vary widely, depending on the particular job and level of experience.

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Weather in Cyprus

The climate in Cyprus is typically Mediterranean and subtropical with mild winters, hot summer days and cool nights. The average temperature in Cyprus ranges from 10°C (50°F) in the valleys and mountains during winter to a high of around 34°C (93°F) during summer. Summer in Cyprus (May to October) is long and very hot with temperatures that can reach 40°C (104°F). Rainfall is sparse during the summer months and most rain comes between October and March. The warmest season, spring, lasts from March to May and is followed by a hot and dry summer season that lasts from June to September. In winter (late December – February) temperatures can drop to as low as 5-7°C (41-45°F) in the mountain area, while on the coast the temperature can still remain as high as 13-16°C (55-61°F). The island of Cyprus is subject to prevailing westerly winds in the winter, which can bring snowstorms, whereas in the summer the prevailing easterly winds make it much cooler and more humid. Winds from the Mediterranean Sea cool down the island during the summer months. Cyprus has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year and hence is an ideal destination for sun seekers. Throughout the year, it is often windy as well, with the warm winds in the summer and the cold winds in the winter. In summary, Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, as well as an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. The spring and summer months are hot and dry, while the winter months can be quite cold in the mountain areas. The coast remains relatively mild and humid due to the prevailing winds from the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tax & Welfare System in Cyprus

The tax system in Cyprus is based on a three-tier progressive taxation system that is personal income, corporate income and value added tax (VAT). Personal income tax rates range from a low rate of 19% to a high rate of 35% for those earning over €60,000 annually. Corporate income tax is set at a flat rate of 12.5% for all companies in Cyprus. The standard VAT rate is 19%, however, some items may qualify for a reduced rate of 5%. The social welfare system in Cyprus is designed to provide financial assistance to those individuals and families who are struggling economically and are in need of financial support. It is administered through several programs, such as unemployment benefits, child benefits, elderly benefits, disability benefits and more. In addition, the social welfare system provides grants to those in need, such as single parents, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups.

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Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus has 12 national holidays throughout the year, some of which are fixed and some moveable. Fixed National Holidays in Cyprus: 1. New Year’s Day (1 January) 2. Green Monday (Monday before Clean Monday, which falls between the 7th Monday and the following Sunday of February) 3. Greek Independence Day (25 March) 4. Greek National Day (25 March) 5. Labour Day (1 May) 6. National Day (1 October) 7. Ochi Day (28 October) 8. Christmas Day (25 December) 9. Boxing Day (26 December) Movable National Holidays in Cyprus: 10. Clean Monday (the first Monday of Great Lent, which falls around the 7th Monday of February) 11. Easter Monday (one week after Easter Sunday) 12. Pentecost Monday (50 days after Easter Sunday)

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Where to Live in Cyprus

The most densely populated areas of Cyprus are mainly concentrated in the island’s two largest cities: Nicosia and Limassol. Nicosia, the capital, is the largest and most populous city in Cyprus, with an estimated population of around 325,000 people. The center of Nicosia is the most densely populated area in Cyprus, with some of the highest property prices due to its historical and cultural importance and relative centrality in the island’s transportation network. In addition, the city center is home to a large number of businesses and employers, making it one of the premier destinations for employment opportunities in Cyprus. Limassol, the island’s second-largest city, is also densely populated. The city is a major economic and cultural hub in Cyprus, and the central district has some of the highest concentrations of employment opportunities in the country. In particular, Limassol is known for being home to a large number of international banks and corporates, making it a desirable location for high-income professionals. In addition to these two cities, a number of other areas in Cyprus are highly populated and home to a large number of jobs. These include the towns of Famagusta, Paphos, and Kyrenia, among others. All of these cities are important hubs for business and employment, and many people choose to live and work in these areas due to the opportunities they provide.

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Sports & Recreation in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island nation located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. With beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain and a range of cultural and historical attractions to explore, the island is a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. As such, the country also offers a variety of sports and recreational activities for visitors of all ages and abilities. Cycling is one of the most popular recreational activities in Cyprus. The country offers plenty of off-road cycling trails for adventurous travellers, as well as flat routes for leisurely riders. In cities and larger towns, cyclists can make use of dedicated bike lanes and dedicated cycle paths. In addition, some tourist resorts offer bike hire services, so tourists who didnt bring their own can still get out and explore the local area by bicycle. The tropical climate of Cyprus makes the island an ideal destination for beach activities. Swimming, beach volleyball and water sports such as jet skiing, rafting and snorkelling are all extremely popular. Many of the beaches are staffed by lifeguards and jet ski operators, so its safe and easy to take part in these activities. Hiking is also popular in Cyprus. The Akamas Peninsula and the Troodos Mountains are particularly popular destinations for hikers, offering well-marked trails with stunning views. Many of these trails can be completed in a day, so theyre ideal for visitors who are short on time. Sports such as football, basketball and volleyball are also popular in Cyprus. There are plenty of well-equipped stadiums and sports complexes where visitors can watch local teams compete. Cyprus is also known for its vibrant nightlife. Lively bars, clubs and restaurants offer a great opportunity for visitors to come together, have a drink and enjoy the vibrant culture of the island. Cyprus is truly a paradise for sports and recreation enthusiasts. From cycling and beach activities to hiking and nightlife, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

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Cost of Living & Housing in Cyprus

The cost of living and housing in Cyprus generally tends to be lower than in many other European countries. While housing costs fluctuate across the country, overall they tend to be slightly lower than in other EU countries. On average, the average monthly rent for an apartment in the city center is approximately €500–700 and out of town it can be as low as €350–400. The cost of utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage) is relatively low in Cyprus. On average, monthly cost of utilities including electricity, gas, water and garbage for a 90m2 apartment (or rental home) is approximately €70–110. In terms of transportation costs, owning and running a car in Cyprus is costly due to high fuel prices. However, public transport is quite affordable, with a single fare costing on average between €1.50–1.80. Overall, the cost of living in Cyprus tends to be lower than in much of Europe, especially compared to cities like London, Paris or Rome. Despite this, though, it is important to remember that prices still vary significantly between different locations and can vary considerably depending on lifestyle choices.

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Best Areas to Live in Cyprus

Popular towns, cities and regions that are proving popular with migrants moving to Cyprus

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