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Delivery Driver
CH Geneva Star Irina W

I need a parcel hand delivered. Pickup from Zurich and delivered to Geneva

One-hour Security Job
CH Carouge Geneva Star Randy T

A tall, well-built security guard/bodyguard/ex-forces is required for a one-hour security job in Geneva.

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Switzerland Switzerland

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job.country Geneva

Une entreprise leader dans le domaine des transports de la ville de Genève cherche un conducteur de taxi à temps plein.

Athletics Coach - Zurich
job.country Zurich

RecCH is currently hiring an Athletics Coach for one of its leading clients based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to lead the development and coaching of athletes in various disciplines.

job.country Basel

Unsere führende Kunden im Musikgeschäft suchen nach einem erfahrenen Musik-Publicist als Vollzeitmitarbeiter.

job.country Zurich

Führungskraft gesucht! Unser Kunde, ein renommiertes Unternehmen in der Finanzbranche mit Sitz in Zürich, sucht einen erfahrenen Enterprise Architecten.

Kellner & Kellnerinnen GESUCHT
job.country Geneva

Unsere führende Kundin, ein renommiertes Restaurant in Genf, sucht derzeit nach engagierten und erfahrenen Kellnern und Kellnerinnen, die sich ihrem Team anschließen möchten.

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The local services business scene in Switzerland is particularly vibrant due to the country’s highly developed economy, which offers a wide range of opportunities for the local services sector. This includes professional services such as accounting, finance, law, and consulting; hospitality (accommodation and food services); transportation; and repair services. Many local entrepreneurs pursue their own service-based businesses ranging from small to large. In particular, Switzerland is well-known for its hospitality services, especially for its high-end events, as well as for its transportation services. The country has a huge number of small hotels, inns and guest houses, most of which are located in Swiss Alps region. For its international clientele, Switzerland offers a wide range of accommodation choices, with high-end hotels located both in city centers and in more rural areas. In addition, there is a large transportation market in Switzerland, with locals and visitors relying on a variety of public and private transportation options, ranging from private taxi and limousine services to bus lines and an extensive network of rails. Finally, Switzerland is known for its extensive repair services among visitors and locals. For example, there are specialized outlets offering repair services for electronic goods and appliances, as well as vehicle maintenance, both for cars and motorcycles. Moreover, Swiss dentists and other specialized medical services have also become increasingly popular over the past few years. Overall, the local services business scene in Switzerland is highly diverse, offering a wide range of options for both locals and visitors alike. From high end hospitality to a variety of repair services, locals and visitors alike benefit from the country’s economic development, which has opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their own service-based businesses.

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Why Live in Switzerland?

The best aspects to living in Switzerland are its natural beauty, excellent infrastructure, quality of life, variety of cultural offerings, and stable economy. Switzerland is renowned for its stunning natural scenery including its rolling hills, lush green meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks. It is also one of the most easily accessible countries in Europe, with a sophisticated network of trains and highways. This makes it a great place for exploring the country and its many nearby attractions, from Roman ruins to charming medieval villages. The country’s high quality of life is renowned worldwide. Residents enjoy a safe and secure environment, excellent healthcare and education systems, and a wide variety of cultural activities to partake in. Switzerland also has a thriving economy and is one of the most competitive nations in the world. The country offers a variety of cultural offerings, from concert halls and museums to galleries, theaters and markets. There is also an active nightlife as well as a range of outdoor activities, such as skiing and hiking, that are popular among locals and visitors alike. Finally, the stable economy of Switzerland provides opportunities for careers in a variety of fields. This includes finance, technology, and health sciences. The country is also home to many international companies and organizations, including the United Nations. In addition, there is no shortage of opportunities in the tourism sector. Overall, there are so many great aspects to living in Switzerland, making it an excellent place to settle down and start a new life.

Living in  in Switzerland in 2023

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Living in  in Switzerland in 2023

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