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Sweden Sweden

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Drum lessons
SE Sweden Star Coralie H

Drum lessons in person at your home or online

Documents Delivery
SE Stockholm Star Uliana K

I need a person who would print a couple of dociments and then deliver them to an office

Help Construct my Wooden Shed
SE Stockholm Star Erin T

I need help from a skilled carpenter or handyman to put together my shed

SE Sweden Star chaieni S

Small room renovation to a suite

Tunnel Surveyor
SE Stockholm Stockholm Star David S

We are looking for tunnel surveyors for a project which is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Working shifts would be 2 weeks work and then 2 weeks off. Project time is 2 years.

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Sweden Sweden

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job.country Skåne Malmö

I am searching for a job as seamstress

job.country Malmo

Vår kund, en ledande aktör inom drönarindustrin, söker en erfaren drönaroperatör till deras team i Malmö.

job.country Stockholm

Vår kund, en ledande teaterproduktion i Stockholm, söker en erfaren Dance Captain för en heltidsanställning.

job.country Sweden

Arbetar du som snowboardinstruktör och söker efter nästa utmaning? Vi söker en erfaren snowboardinstruktör till vår ledande kund i Sverige.

Festivalpersonal sökes
job.country Stockholm

Vill du vara med och skapa minnen som varar livet ut? Nu söker vi på uppdrag av en av våra ledande kunder en Festival Staff till deras team i Stockholm!

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Sweden Sweden

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Chef or Sous chef
vol.country Oestra Torggatan 1 65224 Karlstard

Sous chef

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Plastering work
ad.country Sweden

Plastering work Skåne Gypsum, cement and lime plaster work. Fixing cracked walls and much more.

Local Service Providers in Sweden Near You in 2024!

The local services scene in Sweden is characterized by a wide variety of businesses that cater to the Swedish population. These businesses often focus on providing services to customers in a localized area, such as home repair and maintenance, retail, food service, transportation, banking and finance, telecommunication, and other professional services. Home Repair and Maintenance: In the local services scene in Sweden, there is a great variety of local businesses providing home repair and maintenance services. These services include plumbing, air conditioning, electrical work, carpentry, painting and other related work. Many of these businesses offer their services on an ‘on call’ basis, making it easier for customers to find a service provider when they are in need. Retail: There are also a variety of retailers located in many different towns and cities throughout Sweden. These retailers typically include a mix of large chain stores and smaller independent stores. Many of the local retailers sell both traditional and modern items from Swedish designers, as well as imported items from other countries. Food Service: There is also a large variety of restaurants and other food service establishments located throughout Sweden. Restaurants in Sweden range from traditional, family-run Swedish restaurants to fast food outlets, cafes, and bars. In addition, there are also a number of catering companies that provide a range of services to both private and corporate customers. Transportation: There are several transportation options available in Sweden as well. There are City buses, trams, metro, and intercity trains that connect different areas of Sweden. In addition, there are several taxi companies that provide services throughout the country. Banking and Finance: A variety of banking and finance services, including traditional banks and money exchanges, are available throughout Sweden. Many of these institutions offer online banking services, as well as a range of banking products and services. Telecommunication: Telecommunications services in Sweden include a range of providers that offer both wired and wireless services. Many of these services are provided by the major network operators, while some are provided by independent or alternative providers. Other Professional Services: In Sweden, there are also a variety of other professional services, such as legal and accounting firms, that cater to individual and business clients. These services can usually be found in the larger cities and towns throughout the country. Overall, the local services scene in Sweden is characterized by a wide range of businesses that cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses. All of these services are easily accessible in the various towns and cities throughout Sweden.

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Why Live in Sweden?

Sweden is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and high quality of life, making it a great place to live. The country has a high standard of healthcare, education and environmental sustainability, making it an attractive option for people looking for a good balance between work and leisure. One of the best aspects of living in Sweden is its natural environment. Sweden is home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, ranging from lush forests and vast fields to crystal clear lakes and snow-capped mountains. Many national parks provide ample opportunities for local recreation, and the clean air and water make it the ideal place for both outdoor and indoor outdoors. The people of Sweden are also renowned for their open-minded and friendly character. Sweden is a very tolerant and progressive country where different cultures and identities are embraced and celebrated. The government actively encourages inclusivity and diversity, making it an ideal place to live for those of different nationalities, backgrounds and lifestyles. Additionally, Sweden is generally a safe and secure country. Crime rates are relatively low and the Swedish law enforcement is generally well respected. Education in Sweden is of a high standard and the country is home to some of the world’s top universities. The Swedish education system is open to students from around the world, offering excellent learning opportunities and a variety of study options. Sweden also has a robust social system, with extensive healthcare access, generous pensions and unemployment safety nets. The country is one of the best in Europe for high living standards and for overall wellbeing. Overall, the combination of natural beauty, cultural inclusivity, high educational standards, and a well-developed social welfare system makes Sweden one of the best places to live in the world.

Living in  in Sweden in 2024

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