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Wir suchen für unseren führenden Kunden in Hamburg einen qualifizierten Mechaniker, der sich mit der Reparatur und Wartung von Fahrzeugen auskennt und über ein hohes Maß an technischem Verständnis verfügt.

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Für unseren Kunden, ein renommiertes Theater in Berlin, suchen wir derzeit nach einem engagierten Theatermitarbeiter (m/w/d) in Teilzeit.

Sport Scout
job.country Dortmund

Unser Kunde, ein renommierter Sportverein in Dortmund, sucht derzeit einen erfahrenen Sport Scout zur Unterstützung seines Teams.

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Wir suchen einen erfahrenen Musikblogger zur Unterstützung unseres führenden Kunden im Bereich Online-Unterhaltung.

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The local services sector in Germany is a very important component of the German economy, and it covers a wide range of services ranging from banking, financial services and retail, to professional services such as accounting, legal advice and business consulting. Banking: The banking sector in Germany is comprised of hundreds of banks, including regional, national and international players, which provide their clients with various services such as deposit and lending services, current accounts, transactional banking, capital market services, insurance broking, foreign currency exchange and other financial services. The banking sector is one of the longest established and most influential industries in Germany and is highly regulated, with strict legal requirements for the supervision of banks and financial institutions. Retail: The retail sector in Germany includes not just brick and mortar stores, but also online retailers and internet-based marketers of consumer goods. Germany has numerous department stores, clothing stores, electronics retailers, and consumer product distributors. In addition, Germany is home to many foreign brands, some of which are considered iconic, such as the German-based department store chain Karstadt. Professional Services: Professional services in Germany include accounting, auditing, legal advice, consulting and other business related services. Germany is home to a number of professional service providers, ranging from large global firms to smaller local firms. These firms are often specialized in a particular area and provide a wide range of advisory and analysis services to their clients. Aside from the banking sector, retail and professional services, the local services sector in Germany also includes real estate, healthcare and telecommunications. Real estate activities such as property management, transactional services and investment services are integral parts of the local service sector. In addition, the healthcare sector is significant for the German economy, with a number of regional and national health care providers offering a range of medical services. Telecommunications is also an important part of local services, with various providers operating in the market offering fixed line, mobile, internet and other services.

Living in  in Germany in 2024

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Whether you are moving just down the road, to the next town, or relocating overseas. Find the most trustworthy and affordable Moving Companies in your local area.

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Living in  in Germany in 2024

Why Live in Germany?

1. The Access to Quality Education: Germany is known for its world-renowned education system. It offers a wide range of courses and higher education programs, many of which are free or subject to very affordable tuition fees, compared to other countries. Germany also has good private education options, including international schools. 2. Outstanding Healthcare: Germany boasts one of the best healthcare systems in the world. All legal residents are entitled to access government-funded insurance, with fees amounting to no more than 14.6% of their salary (split between employees and employers). A large number of private insurers also offer comprehensive coverage. 3. Strong Employment Market: Germany is generally seen as an ideal environment for finding work. According to a 2020 survey, the unemployment rate stands at 5%. In addition, employers tend to offer competitive wages and favorable working conditions. 4. Robust Infrastructure: The country has well-developed roads, railroads and public transportation systems, making it easy to get around. Germans also enjoy reliable internet coverage, numerous airports and good telecommunication networks. 5. Quality of Life: Germany is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle and excellent standards of living. It is particularly appreciated for its vibrant cultural attractions, including museums, galleries and shows, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities and sport facilities.

Living in  in Germany in 2024

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