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Pakume ühte meie juhtivatest klientidest täiskohaga Paadiehitaja ametikohta. Klient on tuntud paadiehitusettevõte Eestis, mis asub kaunis Eesti mereäärses linnas.

Teatri töötajad
job.country Tallinn

Otsime üht meie juhtivatest klientidest täiskohaga Teatritöötajat. Klient on üks suurimaid teatreid Eestis, mis asub Tallinnas. Teatritöötaja on kõikjal teatris abiks ning neil on oluline roll publiku meelelahutuse kvaliteedi tagamisel.

job.country Estonia

Tere tulemast, meie kliendil on hetkel avatud täiskohaga töökoht Spordifüsioterapeudina Tallinnas.

job.country Estonia

Soovid jagada oma kirge muusika vastu ja õpetada teistele kitarrimängu? Meie juhtiv klient pakub täiskohaga tööd kitarrõpetajana. Töökoht asub Eestis.

DevOpsi insener
job.country Tallinn

Kas otsid uusi väljakutseid IT-valdkonnas? Meie juhtiv klient pakub täiskohaga tööd DevOps insenerina. Töökoht asub Eestis.

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Estonia is an attractive place to establish a local services business due to its strong economic growth, good infrastructure, and supportive government policies. The country is particularly attractive to technology-focused businesses, as its population is highly technologically literate and there is a significant number of skilled IT professionals. The country is also making significant progress in the digital economy and is home to numerous tech startups. The local services industry in Estonia is quite diverse and includes such industries as accommodations, food and beverage, retail, medical and healthcare, leisure, travel, and hospitality. Many of these services are aimed at tourists and business travelers, in particular, helping to boost the local economy. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are realizing the business opportunities that exist within this sector, as the demand for services such as housekeeping, cleaning, transportation, and pet-sitting continues to grow. Estonia also has a number of highly successful and well-known local services businesses. These include companies such as Fits.me, a company that offers personalized clothing fits, and Bolt, a ride-hailing app that has become a popular way of getting around the country. Estonian companies such as Guardtime, Onepark, and Taxify are also making waves in the local services industry. Given its strong economic growth, good infrastructure, and supportive government policies, Estonia is a great place to set up a local services business. The sector is dynamic, and the potential for growth is considerable. With the right business strategy, anyone setting up a business in this sector is sure to achieve success.

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Why Live in Estonia?

Estonia is a small, beautiful country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It has a rich and varied history, picturesque scenery, and friendly people. Below are some of the best aspects to living in Estonia: 1. Low cost of living: Estonia is known for its affordable prices when it comes to housing, food, and transportation. Expats can enjoy a high quality of life for less compared to many other countries. 2. Great nature: Estonia is filled with breathtaking nature, from the sandy coastline of the Baltic Sea to its many forests, parks, and islands. Its a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 3. Rich culture: With centuries of history and strong traditions, Estonia offers a unique cultural experience. Expats can enjoy Estonian folk music, art, museums, and festivals. 4. Advanced technology: Estonia is a leader in tech and innovation with cutting-edge developments in fields like e-governance and blockchain technology. 5. English is widely spoken: The majority of Estonians speak English, making it easy for expats to communicate. 6. Safety: Crime rates are low in Estonia, making it a safe place to live and work. 7. Close to Europe: Located in northern Europe, Estonia is well connected to the rest of the continent making it easy to explore the surrounding countries. Overall, living in Estonia provides a great opportunity for expats to experience a high quality of life at an affordable cost, surrounded by nature and culture, while also enjoying strong technological infrastructure and modern conveniences.

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