Best Contractor Marketplace in 2023

Best Contractor Apps in 2023

Best Guide to Contracting & Consulting in the Sharing Economy in 2023

As more workers begin to see the benefits of self-employment, the number of individuals moving away from traditional permanent employment into contracting jobs has increased dramatically over the past decade.

As a result, there are many online platforms and websites setup to help facilitate contractors, consultants and navigate the world of self-employment.

We have created this page to bring all the resources together, to help consultancies and contractors.

Contracting & Consulting in the Sharing Economy
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Global Remote

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Dairy Farming Worker ireland ireland

Post of Dairy Farmer with a full-time position as a Milker/Dairy Farm Worker where can demonstrate my knowledge and skills, contribute to the company and become an asset to its development. Skills: Animal Care, Teamwork, Time management.

Mistery shopper
Remote Remote

Mistery shopper for electronic products

Quality Control Inspector Petrich

Are you a product inspection professional with fundamental understanding of quality control? Do you have practical experience using AQL standards? Then we would love to hear from you to join QIMA as a freelance Quality Control Inspector!

VMWARE architect Helsinki Helsinki

Urgently required VMware Architect in Helsinki on a long term contract.

General Manager Tangerang selatan Tangerang selatan


Electrician Belgium Antwerp

We are CJ Support Services - a leading international company providing leasing of specialists for construction sites to large European companies. For a project in BELGIUM we are seeking individuals for the following role: Electrician:

Food Delivery Drivers Urgently Wanted - New York New York

Are you an independent and reliable individual looking for a flexible opportunity in the bustling city of New York? We are looking for Freelance Food Delivery Drivers immediately.

Box Office Staffed Wanted Los Angeles

Are you looking for a part-time opportunity to be part of the exciting world of live events and entertainment in Los Angeles?

Freelance Musicians in HOT Demand Los Angelese

Are you a talented and passionate musician looking for an exciting opportunity in the vibrant city of Los Angeles?

Nurses - We Need You Chicago

Are you a compassionate and dedicated healthcare professional seeking a rewarding nursing position in the bustling city of Chicago?

Top 5 Online Consultants Platforms in 2023?

What are the 5 best rated Contractors Websites in 2023?

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group

  • Type: Global Management Consulting

Boston Consulting Group is a US global management consulting firm founded in 1963.

Boston Consulting Group is a global consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important problems and develop businesses greatest opportunities.



  • Type: Consulting & Contracting: Creative, Media, Technology, Marketing, Software, Security
  • Pros: Secure pay, Push notifications, Live private chat, Free membership, Low commission, Identity verified freelancers only
  • Cons: Still in growth phase

gigexchange is a Global Future of Work marketplace for freelancers to connect with businesses for work. Gigexchange allows freelancers to complete freelance gigs (specific work tasks and outcomes - with payment after the work is completed), freelance jobs (time based work - typically short term contracts which are arranged off platform). Freelancers may also volunteer their valuable services free of charge via the Volunteer service.

Registration is quick and simple, completing a skills and experience fields for its AI/ML function. Registering for Freelance Gigs via the Gig Worker section requires Identity verification prior. This is quick and simple, providing a few ID documents to become identity validated, building trust in the marketplace.

The commission rates for freelance gigs is the lowest of all freelance apps, at just 5%. For freelance jobs there is no commission for finding work.

There are no subscription fees or limits on the number of applications for jobs or gigs.

Gigexchange operates across 39 countries, allowing freelancers to connect with local businesses and remote, or work from home freelance work.

The platform works as a progressive web app (PWA) which means both buyers and sellers can use the standard website or mobile app to complete work services.

The platform supports VISA & Mastercard debit & credit cards. Payment withdrawal for freelancers is via Stripe and typically takes 5-14 days from gig completion.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company

  • Type: Global Management Consulting

McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm that advises on strategic management to large corporations, governments, and other multi-national organizations.



  • Type: Professional Services

Accenture plc is an Irish based multinational professional services consulting organisation that specialises in information technology services consultancy.

Accenture is known for its range of IT service offerings and has five main practice areas. These include: strategy, management, digital, technology, and operations consulting.



  • Type: Contractor Marketplace

PeoplePerHour, is a UK-based company providing an online platform allowing businesses access to contract workers.

Businesses and Contractors can meet online and PeoplePerHour protects the business owner money (in escrow) until tell us youre satisfied and ready to release funds.

Best countries to be an Independent Contractor in 2023?

Find Consultancy work opportunities in the below countries easily

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being self-employed mean? arrow-right

Self-employment is when you are working for yourself rather than an employer.

A self-employed individual refers to anyone who earns a living from any independent pursuit of economic work,rather than earning a living working for a company or another individual (an employer).

What does an I.T. contractor do? arrow-right
IT Contractors are Information Technology professionals who provide IT skills or services to companies for a set period of time. They may be contracted for a set number of hours, a specific length of time - typically 3-6 months while a project is completed. Contractors can be self-employed, and work independently as sole traders, or they can run their own limited company.
What is the difference between an Information Technology contractor and an IT consultant? arrow-right

The term can be interchangeable as IT Contractors and Consultants are largely experts in their field of IT. But the main difference may be contractors actually perform work to complete a specific IT task, whereas consultants create solutions to guide how a company can better conduct its workflow.

Information technology contractors can plan, design and implement information technology systems for their clients. IT contractors need strong interpersonal and communication skills to deal effectively with clients.

IT consultants may provide a range of services, including advisory, cost & risk analysis through to governance and general IT strategy.

What does a consultancy business do? arrow-right
A consulting firm, or consultancy is used for a business composed of industry-specific experts who offer professional services advisory, guidance and solutions to businesses experiencing problems whereby inhouse expertise cannot provide the answers. Every company have problems to overcome; consulting firms are contracted to solve these on the customers behalf.
How can I find, hire & recruit contractors & consultants online? arrow-right
  • Treat contractors like customers
  • Post gigs and jobs on gigexchange to find and hire experts in their field
  • Implement an contractor referral program
  • Create compelling and descriptive contractor job ads on gigexchange
What is a civil contractor? arrow-right
Civil construction contractors may be individuals or businesses which can be hired for specific services. This can range from advisory services to physical labour and hire equipment such as heavy machinery.
Best apps for self-employed to help business productivity? arrow-right
  • All-In-One Calculator Free
  • Building Calculator
  • PlanGrid
  • Fieldwire
  • DEWALT Mobile Pro
  • Autodesk BIM 360
  • GasBuddy
  • Canvas
What are the benefits of being a contractor? arrow-right

Contract work provides greater personal independence where the contractor is the master of their own job security destiny.

The top 10 benefits of contracting are:

  • Flexibility
  • Become your own boss
  • Maintain a good work/life balance
  • Earn what your value in money
  • Benefits arent a problem
  • Test out a new field of expertise
  • Start part-time or as a side hustle to test the water
  • Test drive the company to find its popularity and pricing
  • Permanent isnt important anymore
  • Experience!
What is the best self employed marketplace online? arrow-right

Our ultimate list of self-employed platforms that provide work opportunities and value resources are:

  • 1 - Upwork
  • 2 - People Per Hour
  • 3 - Freelancer Map
  • 4 - gigexchange
  • 5 - Toptal
  • 6 - Guru
  • 7 - Freelancer
  • 8 - Solid Gigs
  • 9 - Aquent
  • 10 - Fiverr
What other apps are like PeoplePerHour? arrow-right
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Skyword360
  • Supersourcing
  • Popular Pays
  • gigexchange

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Additional Contractor Information

We have collated some additional useful Consultant information available online in 2023 so you can gain extra knowledge, resources and potential new IT Contracting opportunities, or understand how Consultancy can work for you.