Best Co-Working Marketplace in 2024

Best Co-Working Spaces Websites in 2024

Co-Working Spaces in the Sharing Economy

What is co-working?

Coworking space is where workers of different companies share a large office space, allowing these small businesses a cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, receptionist and in some cases refreshments and parcel delivery /storage services.

The first coworking spaces appeared in the early 2000s. They attracted mostly self-employed freelancers, contractors and web or online entrepreneurs searching for an alternative to working (or meeting) in coffee shops, business centers, and home offices.

Co-Working Spaces in the Sharing Economy
  • Gigs

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mahmoud saleh leader of happiness
LU Luxembourg Luxembourg Star mahmoud S

My name is Mahmoud Saleh, and I am an Egyptian DJ man.

AE Dubai dubai festival city Star Renjith P

Online Survey for Water Heater Users in Spain and Italy
Remote Remote Star Akiko N

We are looking for people in Spain and Italy who are using water heaters!

Personal Session for Weight loss, strength stamina
Remote Remote Star Artofprabhat

Personal Session for Weight loss, strength stamina, flexibility, Diet, Power yoga ,advanced asana, Core strengthening Pilates, Meditation

Life Guard
Remote Remote Star Marko S

Overlooking people at the beach, and helping those in need

Daily Houes Cleaning
CH Davos Davos Star Shimon N

2 Hour Daily House Cleaning

Voice Recording for American English Speakers
Remote Remote Star Akiko N

We are looking for native english speakers with American accents.

Das Mähen von ca. 2 Hektar Feld in Itter
AT Itter itter Star Tiebo J

Das Mähen und reinholen von ca. 2 Hektar Feld mit Hilfe eines Balkenmähers in Itter. wenden können wir selbe organisieren.

Assistant/receptionist for a meetup
BE Metro Louise Brussels Star Alex K

I need an assistant / receptionist for a small meetup this afternoon.

Work from Home, your own hours
Remote Remote Star Dan G

Hey, you interested in making some money online? Work from home whenever you feel like it? Possible $2000 or more per week.

Top 5 Online Co Working Platforms in 2024?

What are the 5 best rated CoWorking Websites and Desk Sharing Marketplaces in 2024?



  • Type: Co-Working Space

WeWork is a leader in the shared space or co-working space industry. They provide flexible workspace solutions ranging from traditional offices, shared workspaces, office suites to private amenities. WeWork is located in more than 700 locations globally in 150 cities and 38 countries.



  • Type: Co-Working Space

Impact Hub is a global network connecting locally-founded/-operated impact innovation incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, and nonprofit organizations that collectively own and govern Impact

Their purpose is to connect entrepreneurs and innovators to each other, as well as to large organizations, investors and the public sector.

An Impact Hub is a communal, coworking space for founders looking to create a positive impact. They are a mix of an innovation lab, incubator, and community center.



  • Type: Co-Working Space

Spaces is a full service, creative working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, where ideas develop, businesses build and relationships evolve



  • Type: Co-Working Space

Regus is part of a global and regional workspace group of brands that form the IWG network. These include Spaces, HQ, Signature by Regus and No18.

Regus create bright, inspiring workspaces that can be personalised to individual companies requirements. Regus office space, coworking environments, business lounges, and meeting rooms come with all mod cons available



  • Type: Co-Working Space

Mindspace is a boutique flexible work space provider, providing a global mindset with a local flavor. They redefine the workplace experience for companies of all sizes.

Mindspace daily office is a private office designed to fit up to 4 people that allows you to work from Mindspace on an on-demand flexible basis.

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pet keeper (cats+dogs) and dog walker
Remote Remote

pet keeper (cats+dogs) and dog walker

Industrial Italy

Industrial Pharmacist

bus driver
Remote Remote

looking for a job like bus driver

Credit Conslutant Ovcha Kupel Sofia

Are you ambitious and looking for a dynamic career? Join our vibrant and expanding financial team as a Credit Consultant. Be part of our success story!

Customer Advisor with Dutch language
Remote Remote

Remote Work in Greece

Netflix Customer Support with German
Remote Remote

Remote work in Greece - Equipment provided

Mercedes - German Customer Support - Remote
Remote Remote

Remote in Greece - Equipment provided

Customer Service Representative - Italian
Remote Remote

Remote Work in Greece - Equipment provided

Customer Service Representative - German(Remote GR)
Remote Remote

Remote Work in Greece - Equipment provided

Front-end Developer
Remote Remote

We are currently looking for a Front-end Developer to join our continuously growing team!

Popular countries for Co-Working Spaces in 2024?

Find Co-Working Spaces in the below countries easily

  • Volunteers

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Volunteer in sea turtle conservation Cape Verde
Remote Remote

Volunteers needed for sea turtle season in Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands.

Help our community cut and prune trees Maiolo Rimini

We are looking for help with our trees

Physiotherapist Cervia

We are looking for a physio to treat the Australian Transplant Football Team

Brother Stephen for the world Nairobi Nairobi

Ihave heart to help our brothers and sisters with physical disabilities and mental illness

helping hand
Remote Remote

Dedicated to work with team

Volunteer for change Lindersvoldvej 5 Faxe

Volunteer abroad

Sports Coach Volunteer Available Sandymount (but can travel to neighbouring suburbs) Dublin

I'm a keen amateur Sports coach, based in Sandymount, available to teach under privileged kids, or the disabled community, in various sports

Fruit Picking Malaga

Need volunteers to help pick my fruit

Care worker Brooklyn New York

I'm an experienced care worker looking to volunteer

Volunteer Handyman Rathmines Dublin

I'm a skilled DIYer available to help local community groups and charities in the Rathmines area of Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Co-Work Websites? arrow-right

The most popular websites for information and resources around co-working spaces and desk-sharing platforms are below:

  • First Office Hub
  • LiquidSpace
  • Free Office Finder
  • Office Freedom
  • Instant Offices
  • Coworker
  • Flexioffices
  • Making Moves
What sites are similar to wework? arrow-right

Alternatives and competitors of wework include

Membership Collective Group, Regus, IWG, LiquidSpace, CBRE Group and

What should every good co-working space have? arrow-right
Every good coworking space will always provide basic office services such as WiFi, printers, conference rooms, private areas and collaboration spaces Many also provide food and drink in kitchen areas such as tea, coffee, and snacks. People and business services may also be offered where many startups are found such as business coaches and advisors.
What are the benefits of co-working spaces? arrow-right
  • Increased Productivity. Less distraction than working from home
  • Network & Collaboration Opportunities. Grow your business via the co-working community
  • Flexible Working Schedule. Work when you want and what works for you and your clients
  • Conventional or open coworking space is what usually comes to mind when people think of coworking
  • Private & Shared Office. Be part of a wider community but maintain your privacy when needed
  • Build Structure to Work-Life Balance. All WFH means no distinction between work and home life
  • Cost-Saving - pay only what you use
  • Private Workspaces
  • Shared Space/Subleased
  • Industry-Specific/Specialized
  • Creativity Boost by working with like minded individuals creating co-working communities
  • Allows employees to work remotely but still in a professional office setting
  • May prove more cost-effective for businesses, opposed to a larger lease
  • Improves networking opportunities for mobile workers
  • Zero maintenance involved in facility upkeep
  • Pay-as-you-go and membership models offer flexibility to professionals
  • Diverse space types, from individual workstations to group spaces
  • Accommodates almost all work hours
  • Cost-Effective. Flexible work contracts vs fixed office costs
  • Client-Friendly. Waaay more professional than meeting clients in your bedroom
  • Scalable. Grow your desk base as your business grows
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment & Facilities
  • Globally Accessible. Use international co-working companies to create a standard for your distributed workforce

See here for more Help & Support questions

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Relax and learn English
Remote Remote

Relaxation massage and English Conversation

 Dienstleister - Portal - jetzt kostenlos registrieren!
Remote Remote

Unser Online-Portal bietet Ihnen eine hervorragende Möglichkeit, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und Ihren Umsatz zu steigern.

Kitchen Assistant abu dhabi abu dhabi

assisting chef

The Virtual Farmhand
Remote Remote

Fully insured and qualified Virtual Assistant specialising in Agribusiness and Agriculture.

Fruit Picker Seeking Job Opportunity in Greece Greece

Experienced fruit picker with a strong work ethic and attention to detail seeking employment in Greece. Require visa and work permit sponsorship. Available immediately and willing to relocate for seasonal work.

AI Content Writer
Remote Remote

Train AI and get paid hourly on a schedule you create.

Housemaid Limassol Limassol

looking for employer who needs a full time maid

Freelance Massage Therapist for female Greater London London

Free Massage At your Doorstep

Painter Athlone

Painting and decorating services

Cyber Security , GRC and AI consultancy United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi

Providing consultancy and implementation services Cyber Secuirty, GRC, Networking , Cloud.

Additional Co-Working Information

We have collated some additional useful Co-Working information available online in 2024 so you can gain extra knowledge, resources and potential new Co-Working opportunities, or understand how Co-Working can work for you.