Home services and the gig economy

Home services and the gig economy

How is the changing way we work along with the gig economy impacting home services, such as trades, cleaning, handy man & odd jobs around the home?

There has always been a need for consumers requiring help around the home for certain odd jobs. In the past they would scroll through endless directory service advertisements online or in newspapers. The problem faced by home owners when selecting these home service providers is 3 fold.

  • Are these workers available when needed?
  • Are they sufficiently skilled to complete the job at hand?
  • Can they be trusted to complete all the work agreed upon, not taking my money and running?

With the advent of the digital age and gig economy platforms like gigexchange.com these challenges faced by consumers and home owners have been fixed. These platforms provide a solution to each problem, as well as providing a advertising medium to tradies, cleaners, handyman and odd job workers alike. The reputation validation instantly removes scammers and cowboys from the platform, facilitating brand growth for those hard honest workers to continue to gain new customers through their platform reputation.

The fact that the money is withheld with an independent payment provider builds the comfort and piece of mind and security that the work will be completed to satisfaction as payment is only made after sign off.

The challenges faced by consumer home service providers are

  • Are the platform fees fair
  • Do I need to lower my prices to be successful
  • Is the disputes solution fair

At the gigexchange we are determined to solve all these problems for service providers. We are founded and developed by gig workers of the NZ gig economy. We understand and care about all workers winning, which is why we introduced the lowest gig economy fees in New Zealand and we believe globally. Empowering the win-win is our purpose, we want all our customers to be winning, before we as the platform do. We have provided two types of gigs, the fixed price and the negotiable gig. Fixed price are essentially non-negotiable. If the gig listed does not meet your price point, do not apply. If the gig listed is negotiable, but slightly out of price point, you may apply and negotiate new scope of works and pricing.

The majority of our 5% commission fee goes to our payment provider, but we were determined to not go above this figure as we believe this is the fairest possible price we could offer as a digital platform for the gig economy in New Zealand.

So who can this work for, as a home service provider?

The platform caters for tradies in New Zealand (builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians [sparkies]), as well as home cleaners and commercial cleaners, painters, man and a van, removal, decorators, handyman, water blasters, gardeners, landscape designers, interior designers, window cleaners, end of tenancy house clean, flat pack installers, concierge services, delivery drivers, deck and fence builders, roofers. The list is endless.

These platforms offer convenience to the consumer or home owner, making it easy to find workers in NZ and compare prices and history or reputation of these workers. Whether they are based in Auckland needing some help with their home plumbing, or living in Wellington needing some new electrics installed. Have a bach in the coromandel which needs a new house paint, fence built and the lawns mowed. They offer piece of mind that the workers are skilled and trusted, whilst the workers can find increased work opportunities, build their trusted reputation for new work for the fairest fees possible.

Property maintenance is such an important part of the kiwi lifestyle, so building trust and relationships with those handyman or trade services for your house is critical. We want to help both the home owner and service provider build that trust through our platform, whilst everyone is happy and winning with the solution. Satisfaction is essential to the handyman marketplace success.

Whether you are a franchise cleaning company, a sub-contractor working for an established building company in NZ, a freelance worker, gig worker, sole trader sparky electrician, a medium sized plumbing business, we believe our gigs and jobs site can offer your complete work solutions helping you find work and find and hire workers, job seekers, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, temps and casual staff.

Home services in New Zealand don’t finish with services just maintaining your home or properties, but also helping service pets & childcare family members within your property. Pet feeding or cat feeding services, dog walking services, home sitting or house sitting are increasingly popular services which are all built on trust. A nanny or au pair looking for babysitting jobs in NZ, who has an impeccable digital reputation on the platform builds an instant level of trust for parents wishing to find a babysitter in NZ. All of these services require the home owner to trust the worker with access to their home. Every care should always be taken to ensure due diligence is completed, but with identity verified gig workers only and a fair disputes model and immediate bans for any worker not abiding by our platform policies, we help with the essential trust required to find nannies in NZ, or find and hire dog walkers, or child carers to look after the kids after school.

Your home is your castle, you can trust us to find skilled and trusted workers looking for property jobs or jobs around the home.

As a worker or service provider in NZ looking for property, trades or handyman jobs in NZ you can trust us to find you work and help build your platform reputation to grow your brand to gain future work in NZ.

Empowering the win-win.

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