Empowering the win-win

Empowering the win-win

At the gigexchange we have a simple philosophy to our business model. We are driven by values of fairness, perspective, empathy & understanding.

The way we work and do business is changing. Our belief, is how business conducts itself in the future of work and new ways of working, is the key differentiator to future success.

Leading by example and aligning yourself with like-minded clients & customers, will help cement a deep rooted relationship, leading to extended customer retention. The Holy Grail for all businesses.

Our purpose is about being customer obsessed, putting the needs of our clients (from both sides of the marketplace) ahead of our own.

We believe by providing a high quality, convenient & easy to use product at fair pricing to both sides of our marketplace customer base, our product proposition is leading all other competitors.

As a global platform for the future of work & new ways of working. We are very aware of the challenges and opportunities of workers in NZ and the rest of the world. Which is why we are determined that gigexchange is to the lead the global approach to a fairer way of working.

The job for life is no more. The career for life is decreasing. The digital era has brought about a speed of change within the workplace. The need to pivot and upskill your career is a pre-requisite in the modern world. The Future of Work is accelerating the automation of both simple and complex work tasks and roles.

With disruption comes change, but equally new opportunities.

As work trends to shorter assignments and more frequent career changes, the responsibility shifts to the worker. We believe at the gigexchange, our social responsibility is to ensure as much money stays with the worker as possible due to this.

We are founded and developed by gig workers of the NZ gig economy. We understand and care about the Future of Work and Future of Workers.

We want to provide choice and flexibility to our marketplace customers, whilst also partnering with training and development partners to help solve the new demands for modern day upskilling required to compete in the future workforce.

If we can help businesses find on-demand freelancers, contractors, gig workers, or permanent staff, when needed and at fair prices. Then we as a business are adding value.to our customers.

But equally providing new and increased work opportunities for workers (via our gig economy service or job site) for FREE or at the fairest gig economy prices globally. Then we as a business are adding value to our customers.

We care equally about our clients and workers. Our raison d'être is to ensure all our customers are winning.

This gave rise to our purpose.

Empowering the win-win.

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