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Available for Hire! Need help with Animation in Global

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Expert freelancer available for hire Roofer in Global

Windscreen Repair
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Do you require expert business advise and assistance? Windscreen Repair in Global

Compliance Consultancy
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Looking for help with Compliance Consultancy in Global

Festival Staffing
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Available for Hire! Need help with Festival Staffing in Global

Javascript Website Developer
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Expert freelancer available for hire Javascript Website Developer in Global

Medical & Naturopath
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Do you require expert business advise and assistance? Medical & Naturopath in Global

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Looking for help with Hotelier in Global

Delivery Courier Driving
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Available for Hire! Need help with Delivery Courier Driving in Global

QA Tester Engineer
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Expert freelancer available for hire QA Tester Engineer in Global

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Do you require expert business advise and assistance? Manicurist in Global

Payroll Clerk
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Looking for help with Payroll Clerk in Global

How the gigexchange promotional advertising app works?

If you are a Secret Shopper small business, consultancy, contractor or freelancer you can use our promote service to find new customers. Our reputation service will validate all your platform work across our gig economy, jobs & volunteer services. Helping you grow your business, for FREE.

1. List your Secret Shopper business advertisement for FREE.

  • Your service can be local or remote based
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2. Applicants

  • Customers can either get in contact with you directly, or via the platform

3. Feedback

  • You can ask customers to leave marketplace feedback to grow your reputation which can help gain new customers in the future

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gigexchange is the number one Future of Work FREE Secret Shopper marketplace in Global. Advertise small business work services for FREE. List FREE Ads for business promotions in Global.

Mystery shopping is a method used by marketing research companies and organizations that wish to measure quality of sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, or to gather specific information about a market or competitors, including products and services.

Mystery shopping is a technique commonly used by retailers, market research and consumer watchdogs to measure the quality of customer service in bricks-and-mortar environments  and to collect information about products and service delivery.

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Star Star Star Star Star

We’ve always really struggled to find a Secret Shopper who we can trust.

When we found your Irene on gigexchange, we were so happy with your ability and work.

I can’t thank you Irene enough for your help.

Such a fabulous person and we will certainly be telling all our friends in Global about you.

Thanks again. Doris xxx

Star Star Star Star Star

5 Star Service! Love your work Jeff, we’ll be back.

If you are looking for an expert Secret Shopper in in Global, you must work with Jeff.

His professionalism and skill is second to none.

Very fair pricing for a superior service to any other Secret Shopper I have used in the past.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone gives me an unfair review? arrow-right
There are two sides to every story. We allow everyone to respond once to any feedback if required. We believe an eloquent and sincere response will always help future customers to identifying the true story.
What type of files are supported for uploading my company logo arrow-right
We support the below file types and sizes: .png .jpg
What if I believe that there has been an error with my card payment? arrow-right
In the first instance, please contact us so we can discuss and understand your concerns.
If I get introduced to someone via the gigexchange, should I complete all work through them in the future? arrow-right
This is your choice. If you wish to use us simply for establishing trust with new relationships then take them off-platform once established, we are happy with that. We do not want our customers to feel like hostages. When you need a new relationship, we will be here for you again.
How do I build my brand? arrow-right
Ensure your profile is fully up to date, representing yourself and your skills as honestly as possible. For any gigs won, conduct yourself with grace. Treat the customer with respect. Keep the customer updated on progress of the gig. Ensure you keep evidence of your work. Complete the gig to a high level, within the agreed timeframes. This will ensure your ratings and reviews are exemplary. This will ensure your brand is in demand for future gigs you are interested in.

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